Anna donated her hair to a cancer-wig foundation (there are several organizations other than Locks of Love that are in need of hair donations), and Salon Nefisa downtown let me in to take pictures the process.

Not a new story by any means, seems like there were a wave of these three or four years ago, but fun to shoot on my lunch break. I have been struggling to keep sharp with my shooting, giving myself mini assignments and shooting them journalistically. I feel like there is a “use it or lose it” philosophy to really maintaining all the skills and intuition I have developed over the last four years. For several months before the Post-Dispatch internship came through, I considered how easy it would be to abandon the path of a career in photojournalism in lieu of a more immediate means to financial stability. But I can’t see myself happy in the least doing anything else. I am willing to explore my potential as a photographer outside of newspapers (which I think is smart, and most others are doing already) but even with the bad state of the industry I am not taking my camera off my shoulder.