Another time-honored tradition in the tundra: the Minneapolis Holidazzle winter parade. It’s short but the streets are packed with moving lights and starry-eyed kids straining to see Santa on the final float. As a high school student I was in the Holidazzle marching band one year, outfitted as a toy soldier with LEDs and a battery pack. My mouthpiece froze to my lips.

After this I’m seriously looking into a better low-light camera. Is my 5D sensor getting worse? Shot at 800, 1/30, 3.2… lots of noise.

Ice Maker

Cold job. Slippery too.

Michelle Morth of the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board adds another layer of ice to the rink at Pearl Park on Wednesday morning. Rink makers typically spray water for six hours per day for several weeks to make rinks thick enough to for skating. Pearl Park hopes for a “soft opening” over the weekend.


Little known fact: in 1995 Hulk Hogan opened a restaurant at the Mall of America called “Pastamania!” It closed in under a year. The original sign disappeared and a new store quickly replaced it but the legend has lived on among local Hulkamaniacs. Last night, I went to a reincarnation of the ill-fated eatery at the West Bank Social Center where the sign was again displayed over pans overflowing with noodles and meatballs. One attendee (third photo) brought with him an original Pastamania! menu and recalled how he had persuaded the girls working the counter to sell him uncooked noodles.

Small crowd but fun people, very unique event. Perhaps the first annual…?

Not So Suite

The Ballet of the Dolls previewed the Nutcracker (not so) Suite at the Ritz Theater last night and I did my best to keep up with the fast-paced show. I was confined to one side of the dark theater because there was an audience, so I shot entirely with my 70-200. Bracing myself against a door frame helped steady the lens but I still ended up trashing about 30% of my shoot due to excessive motion blur.


After shooting Pas de Quatre in October, the Ritz Theater hired me to keep their website updated with photos (and video?) at least once a week to reflect the current shows. The past few weeks have been slow, in preparation for the opening of the Nutcracker (not so) Suite. Here are a few snaps from a rehearsal last week and I’ll put up some more after the dress rehearsal tonight.

I have to find a better way to shoot in the dim studio, I need to freeze action but can’t blind the dancers with my flash… Anyone want to loan me a 5D mk II?