Hazardous Traditions

I recently read on a Despair Inc. poster, “Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly stupid.” Not that I can think of a better way to hang Christmas lights, just that it could potentially be hazardous. I wanted to experiment with an angle like Vincent Laforet used in this amazing photo.

Steve Michels-Boyce secures a string of lights to the highest point on the front peak.


Hello to all my subscribers! Hopefully more people as well, but especially you regulars. Today I get to unveil my new photo website, which has been almost a month in the making. I’ve had multiple portfolio reviews, revisited interviews, overhauled my logo and learned plenty of new software to make everything work. I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak things over the coming weeks but I’d love any feedback or bug reports in the meantime. Take a look!

Thanks again, I appreciate all your support and I promise the photo postings will pick up again shortly 😉

Candy Fiends

I visited my brother in Milwaukee for Halloween and thoroughly enjoyed his roommmates’ costumes: Edward Scissorhands, Capt. Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka (the new one), John Dillinger, and Sweeny Todd. Notice the trend?

Above: Alex Brackman stocking up on Gobstoppers for the evening, Kyle Flakne failing to open a door, Sam Michels-Boyce directing the falling leaves, and Eric Charles preparing for a robbery.