On the Edge

Even with a high of 64, walking along Wrightsville Beach was a much-needed taste of summer after struggling through my first full Minnesota winter in five years. Nice to be back on the livable side of freezing. Although most were wearing pants and long sleeves, there were plenty of other people and dogs out enjoying the surf and sand as well.

Little Boxes

One of dozens of residential developments near Raleigh-Durham airport in North Carolina.

And I admit, I didn’t store my portable electronics during landing. I’m sorry to everyone else for jeopardizing the safety of our flight. (Is that really still a threat? Have there been any commercial airplane disasters traced back to iPods?)

Día del Amor

My Valentine’s Day gig was shooting a “latin american impersonator” at the Ritz. Upon my arrival that description expanded to “a guy lip-synching Mexican pop songs from the 70’s.” And the program was estimated at just under four hours. Hoo boy. The crowd ended up being very energetic and the main performer (Miguel Angel as Juan Gabriel) acted the part very well, keeping the photos interesting. Still trying to track down the woman’s name was who performed a very dramatic Spanish version of “I Will Survive” (second shot).

Wintery Sights (Up North pt. 2)

Another batch of pics from last weekend. One of those trips you couldn’t re-create even if you did everything again in exactly the same order.

(btw, the biggest bald eagle I’ve ever seen in the wild is flying away from me right in the middle of that second shot. I still like the trees, but it would have been pretty fantastic if the eagle had hung on a second longer.)