I went with Emily Carroll to Macy’s “Sring is in the Air” flower show in downtown Minneapolis. Although I was very impressed by the colors and arrangements, I happened to think that all the flowers we were seeing would be pretty much dead in a week. As a tribute to the soon-to-be-ugly plants, I photographed one stemmed jewel who fell a bit earlier than the others. Whether it was from fatigue, sickness, improper care or a careless foot, this flower’s sad fate is an ominous reminder to its proud peers nearby: your time will come.

Almost Open

Mutiny Tattoo and Piercing is almost open. A single inspector’s signature is all they need before the machines start buzzing. Well, and some customers but hopefully that won’t be a problem. Rose, the receptionist-to-be, was there tonight as well and we got a few shots of the place for their website–this first one showing off the piercing chair; second is a pair of earrings in the jewelery case; last is the end of another long day.

Tall Grasses

To escape the city and absorb some sun, Erin Korsmo and I went on a hike in Spring Lake Park Reserve near Hastings, Minn. I went looking for details again and found myself wishing for a better macro lens. The 24-70 is decent but certainly has limitations. (this post influenced by KB)

I Walk For Love

This morning, Jordan Dibb took the first steps on a 100-day walk from Minneapolis, Minn., to Miami, Fla. His goal is to raise money for Haiti, although he never guessed that this would be his only option for helping. After graduating from Hamline University, Jordan sent out over 1,200 job applications with no results. Then the earthquake hit in Port-au-Prince and unemployed Jordan tried to volunteer his time and abilities in Haiti. But even volunteer positions proved hard to come by and one woman told Jordan if he wanted to get to Haiti his best bet was to walk there. So he is, or at least he is planing to get as close as he can. His target arrival date in Miami is July 4, after covering 1,800 miles one step at a time.

His website is www.iwalkforlove.com, where he explains his purpose, route, and accepts donations through Action Against Hunger.

Details of Bowling

I don’t practice seeing details enough so I tried to focus on the little things tonight at Airport Bowl in Richfield, Minn. In a dive-y place like this, however, there are too many to count. I’d have shot more but there were only four people in our game so I had to actually bowl every couple minutes.

> I don’t think this post really reflects what I was hoping to convey–it looks like an odd collection of casual snaps (although do like that first one). Instead of describing my initial intent I’m going to return here and try it again. Watch for that to come…

Love Thy Neighbor

A new shop will be opening soon near my house and it’s owners are already receiving hate mail. Nestled between a small cafe and a child-care service provider, Mutiny Tattoo and Piercing certainly doesn’t blend in. I walked by around 9pm tonight and noticed the light was on; Benny and Mary were inside waiting for a shelving unit to be delivered. I introduced myself, asked them about their hopes for the business and was given a quick tour of the half-finished facility. I was impressed by how nicely it is shaping up, although the interior is completely hidden behind giant skull-and-crossbones signs in the windows. When asked about the signage, they admit they aren’t surprised by some of the initial protests but hope people will see past the logos and respect the business.

Benny said I am welcome to come by to visit and shoot as they finish up construction over the next several weeks. I’d like to follow the progress pretty regularly; hopefully theirs will be a unique spin on the “new business” kind of story. Seems to be looking that way already.

Sideways Glance

I am really happy to have back- and side-stage access to this theater during rehearsals and warm-ups. I’m learning its ins and out, good angles and danger zones. I’d love to document the goings-on of such a venue long-term, maybe “A Week at the Ritz” and just shed light on all the groups that come through. Really, there are dancers and performers in and out all day long, in addition to the daily Ballet of the Dolls classes. Unfortunately, working a 9-5 with no car really limits my availability and flexibility. (That could well change in the coming weeks.) In the meantime, I’ll let you wonder what Twin Cities musician Chris Koza is thinking about in this shot.

Chris Koza rehearses before a performance with Powderkeg Live at the Ritz Theater March 6.

Our Way

New production at the Ritz opens tonight, “Our Way” by Steven Rydberg and Myron Johnson. Dress rehearsal last night was pretty rough but I got a good taste of the pieces and I’m excited to see it all put together. Actually, they are probably performing it as I write this…

Favorable review in the Star-Tribune on Sunday, they ran the last photo.