Beach Head

I visited my friend Marina in Chicago last weekend and the forecast said thunderstorms all day Saturday. Instead, it was 85 and sunny. Hmm, close… So we went to the Taste of Chicago downtown and then took naps at North Avenue Beach. When I woke up, this guy was getting buried by his friends so I asked if I could take some pictures. Not that he really could have stopped me.

Buried in sand

Turtle Crossing

I was tipped off to a big turtle that was trying to make its way back to a lake a few blocks from my house. It seemed disoriented and it had a broken jaw so I think it was hit by a car at some point. I stayed with it until it reached the water’s edge.

My exposure was WAY off on this first shot (forgot to check ISO) but I still liked the frame enough to include it.

big turtleturtle close-upturtle crossing


I went with Erin Korsmo, my brother Sam and his friend Emily to the Bamboozle Roadshow at The Cabooze. It must have been terribly marketed because the crowds were tiny, I thought, given the all-star lineup. We saw

And Hanson will be joining the Roadshow for some other dates. Amazing. I know. So here is my obligatory photo of 3EB front man Stephan Jenkins (a longtime favorite of mine).
Third Eye Blind

The Black Keys

One of the first live performances I ever photographed was The Black Keys at Mojo’s in Columbia, Mo., in 2004. I remember the two band members, Dan and Patrick, came out to do their own sound check before starting their set, and there was room to walk to the bar and back during the show. Things have changed.

The Black Keys
The Black Keys
The next time they came to town, in late 2006, they sold out the big venue – The Blue Note. I eagerly volunteered to shoot the show for The Maneater, in order to secure a photo pass. (sidenote: the entertainment reporter for the Maneater and I were not put on the guest list, as promised, so Dan and Patrick met us outside, before the show, to confirm that we were OK to enter. I was giddy.)

The Black Keys
The Black Keys
Easily one of the best concerts I’ve been to, despite the fact that I almost didn’t get in. Now fast forward past Magic Potion, Attack and Release, and Blakroc, to the Brothers tour. The show tonight at First Avenue was, once again, incredible; Dan’s trademark thick, bluesy, guitar riffs leaked out of the club’s open doors into the street. Inside, everyone was jumping and yelling along with “Stack Shot Billy” and “Your Touch.” I hoped to get a decent picture of Patrick (finally), but he is one perky percussionist and bounces around the whole time. If you aren’t familiar with their music, I recommend starting with anything off “Rubber Factory” or “Brothers.” They have some great videos on YouTube as well.

The Black Keys
The Black Keys