Stay Inside

…because it’s flipping hot out.

(picked up by news outlets in Oregon and California!)

  • Quincy Hunt reaches for a cold drink while working at the Produce Outlet stand along 221 in Forest, Va., July 21, 2011. Enduring a full day at the stand and occasionally dealing with long stretches between customers, Hunt employs the full range of tricks keep cool, including a towel with ice cubes around his neck.

Giant Leopard Moth

I found this Giant Leopard Moth sitting next to me on a bench today and decided he would look neat against a colorful background. The hood of my car served well.

It was about 2.5″ long and I later found out they are fairly common to this area, though rarely out during the day. I think all the hot and humid weather we’ve had lately had left this one feeling a bit confused. Note the iridescent spots on its back; not a camera glitch as I first thought.

Living History

The National D-Day Memorial is within our coverage area, in Bedford, and it gets a decent amount of attention throughout the year. Obviously, their main event is June 6, the anniversary of the Allied troops landing on the heavily-fortified beaches of Normandy, France. This year, just a handful of D-Day veterans were able to travel to the site for the ceremony. Next year there will be even fewer. For me, seeing these few old men wipe away tears during the playing of taps made the horrors of what they had lived through sink in. It also made me think about the next generation of children – every child born since 9/11 – that has never known a time of world peace.

  • Wearing an historic uniform, Sgt. Daniel A. Villarial bows his head after reading an excerpt from a memoir written by a soldier who landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day.
  • WWII reenactors (from left) Matt Wiggins, Don Collins and Jonathan Woosley, from North Carolina, stand in uniforms reflecting the 82nd Airborne Division, members of which were involved with Operation Neptune.