Best Friends Lost

These photos are from a memorial service for two best friends who died in a car crash on their way home from the movies last week. The inseparable high schoolers were remembered by family and friends for their frequent laughter and unending inside jokes.

I usually stay just long enough to get the shots I need but I ended up sitting in for the entire two-hour service this night. I wouldn’t claim to say I know either of the girls just from what was said about them but it was very powerful to get a glimpse of their incredible friendship. It seemed impossible for any of the speakers to talk about just one girl, their lives were so intertwined. N&A writer Darrell Laurant noted that it was an underlying irony that the girls knew each other better than anyone else but of course neither girl was able to share those insights during the memorial.

Bernadette’s Takeout

I have driven by Bernadette Christian’s storefront on 5th Street hundreds of times, as she is located on one of Lynchburg’s busiest roads. But her tiny operation is easy to miss, since it’s only about ten feet wide. With a menu that changes daily and hours that vary depending on when she runs out of her pre-made dishes, Burnadette’s Takeout is one of Lynchburg’s hidden gems. I spent a lunch hour with her and got to see how the operation works from the inside (a rare privilege).

Girl Fights

On stands now!

In November I had the opportunity to photograph a story on roller derby for the Charlottesville-based women’s magazine Breathe. I met up with the Derby Dames in Christiansburg, VA, for their bout against the New River Valley Rollergirls. They were all super friendly and welcoming and we got some great shots both on and off the rink. Breathe wanted me to look for the more “feminine” side of the sport, which is notorious for its goth garb and hard hits. To a first-timer, it looks intense. But I know from time spent photographing several teams in Missouri that in between jams these war-painted vixens are all about camaraderie and sharing their sport.

We shot the cover a couple weeks later, in Charlottesville, with their jammer B-1 Bomber.

If you are in Virginia, look for the it around the state in January/February.