Storm Chasing

I left the movie theater after Wall-E last night and there was a huge electrical storm passing by. Not much rain so I was able to shoot outside. This guy was waiting it out under the marquee.

I chased it south on Providence and pulled over near Southhampton for a while. This was my last frame. 4″ at f13, ISO 640.

The results of my trekking:

In the Dirt

Riding on a borrowed one-speed road bike, I went with Paul Weber to check on his garden four miles away. He and two friends are raising organic crops on a borrowed plot of land on the northeast side of Columbia. Things were looking good today, however like every industry nearby, the rain has slowed their progress.

Anyone know what kind of snake this is? (Nevermind. I just googled “small snakes” and found out it’s a Northern Ringneck snake, common to this area and harmless.)