Empty Streets

Shot on Forsyth Blvd in Clayton, while I was killing time waiting for my car to get fixed. (No, not the mirror. A tire valve stem broke when I was filling it up this morning. Think: fast leak.) I wanted someone to walk by but apparently everyone was too busy staying at home and being warm today.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2009 happened around the world at 8:30 p.m. (local everywhere), and participants were encouraged to turn off their lights for an hour to promote environmental awareness. I heard that the Arch was going to go dark so I decided to find a good place to shoot “St. Louis.” First shot is from a new park across the river that isn’t actually open to the public yet. After 10 mintues I got kicked out of there and had to find another place with a view. Luckily traffic on 64 was very light and I got a second shot from the overpass.

Looks like US Bank was the only company to join in…