This post is going to be mostly word-based, for all you readers out there. But don’t worry, my visual-minded friends, I’ve got a few photos in the bag that I’ll pull out right soon.

My first week in St. Louis was marked by a series of headaches over my apartment. Little did I know that would be an enduring theme. Rent discrepancies, move-in date miscommunications, an ignored deposit… And now this:

I intended on starting a series of photos beginning with the “Evidence” post, but my opportunity to keep it up was cut short. Last week I found a handwritten note from my roommate politely telling me that she wanted me to move out by June 1. Resisting the urge to leave her another, slightly nastier note, I confronted her. She wouldn’t give me any kind of answer as to why I was being kicked out just four weeks shy of my already-determined move-out date. I could speculate on habits of mine that bugged her or stages of social development she may have missed, but the fact that I had to deal with was I needed to find a new place. Pronto. Not one to sit around and mope, I got on Craigslist (which is where I originally connected with her but I was willing to take my chances) and sent some emails. I think one of the first emails I sent out was accidentally back to her again, inquiring about an ad she had posted for the room I would shortly be leaving. Oops. Naturally, she didn’t write back. A girl in the Central West End did, however. Her place is about 2 miles away from this one (and 10 minutes closer to the P-D!) and it is available asap. Perfect. So that’s where most of my energy has gone in the last two weeks, and I very much intend to keep adding to this blog. I’m not dead, I’m not depressed and I’m not switching careers. Yet. By choice.

I have to admit something now- I am actually writing this from the living room of the new place, which, if I had my camera with me, I would include a photo of [here]. Alas, it is in a pile of other “ready to move” items at the other place. I now have high ceilings, a furnished living room, dining room with a piano, a laundry room, a fireplace in my bedroom (nonfunctional), and my own full bathroom. And just a few minutes ago the air kicked on which answered that question as well. I think I’ll add a google map to this post in the next couple days showing where both these places are, as well as my favorite spots around St. Louis.

So check back. And I promise, more photos soon.