Near and Far

Two more shots from Columbia over the weekend. My friends are awesome and I am so thankful for their tolerance of my camera habits. Hopefully getting them an occasional neat picture for facebook makes up for it.
top: For several years Stephanie Berg has been breeding guppies and selling them back to stores in Kansas City and Columbia. She runs the entire multi-tank operation from her small bedroom in a basement apartment and is developing blue, red, and snakeskin strains.
bottom: Anna Fleischer on top of the Hitt Street parking structure in Columbia at sunset.

Cabin on the River

The Cabin Sessions played at Les Bourgeois on Saturday and I was hired to take some pics of the performance. The sunset was pretty much lost behind the incoming storm clouds, which actually turned some fantastic colors. As the storm slammed into us, the soaked instruments and musicians all crowded under a tent for about an hour until it passed. I managed to get on the road pretty quickly and Andrew and I took shelter at the Tin Can in Columbia.

Porch Band

Pulled up on Ash Street in Columbia on Friday and the first thing I heard was live music coming from a porch to my left. Naturally, I went over to meet the outdoor sessioners and came across these guys just in from Davenport. Friends on the road just trying to do the musician-thing. I hope their mascot dog, Moe, brings them much success.

Movin’ and Groovin’

I helped my wedding photographer friend Ryan Gladstone and his girlfriend, Jamie, move stuff into their new apartment on Thursday and got to meet the kittens! Very nice space near the Delmar Loop, best of luck to them (Ryan, you owe me a beer…). Later, I was in South City and came across these joyful kids dancing to hip-hop songs from an old F-150 parked outside Hollywood Video. I guess being told to wait in the car doesn’t have to be a punishment. When I left I told them to keep on dancing.