Choosing Paths

Katie Parish and I tried to counteract the sluggish feeling that comes with living in Minnesota in January by going for a morning hike. An internet search recommended some trails at Fort Snelling State Park but they turned out to be so flat and boring we didn’t even take any photos. As a plan B we drove to another part of the Mississippi where we had seen footpaths leading toward the riverbank. These couple are from a hike in St. Paul between W Dayton Ave and W Goodrich Ave. Much more scenic, challenging, fun, photogenic, etc., etc.

Dancing in the Dark

I’ve been having trouble shooting in the studio backstage at the Ritz Theater. The lights only provide for an exposure around 1/60, much to slow to freeze dancers in mid-pose. Yesterday, my third time shooting in the space, I found a single position from which my strobe would bounce off two mirrored walls and cast interesting rays of light around the room (second photo). I’m finally excited to shoot in there more often.