Pineapple Pins and Striped Leggings

My jobs overlapped last week: the Ritz Theater hosted an MNFashion Week event on Friday and Saturday, called Fashion Ball 2010. I got a bit carried away between shooting all the dancers/models/guests and came away with over 500 frames. Oops…

As usual, the Ballet of the Dolls put on a great show (with several new dances and original costumes) and the intimate size of the Ritz allowed the audience to appreciate the details in each piece.

Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

As part of MN Fashion Week, I photographed the Laura Fulk runway show at the University of Minnesota McNamara Alumni Center on Tuesday. The event was minimalistic, no emcee, introduction or reception afterward. Which, appropriately, placed as much emphasis as possible on the garments. There were other photographers shooting the models head-on from the end of the runway so I tried to grab some less conventional shots from the sidelines, hoping to include the amazing architecture of the space. Reviewing my shoot, I realized I should have moved around more; I have a lot of repetition and not very many interesting moments. There’s always more to learn, which is why I will always jump at the chance to shoot in new settings.

I was again disappointed with the quality of images I got shooting at 800, in lower-light areas off the runway. When I got home I started researching prices on the mkII. I wish, for once, that quality and price did not go hand-in-hand, and I didn’t have to weigh a new camera against a new car. (Or at least very used car that would still be new to me…)

Busy is a Blessing

I have been busy.

This is kind of me making excuses to myself, honestly. I know the 10 of you who read this aren’t going to judge me for my recent lack of posts, but I would like to take the next few lines to explain that although there are no new posts, I have, in fact, been busy.

I have my hands in about six jobs right now and I am excited about all of them. MN Fashion Week starts on Friday and I will have some neat photo ops coming up. In the next few weeks I will also be shooting several events at the Ritz, a video project with Minneapolis-based ad agency Periscope(!), Katie Walley’s wedding in Hannibal, MO, and I’ll be taking a trip to see Andrew in LA. In between all that, Katie Parish and I are hoping to explore MN a bit as well (with cameras in hand).

Although I haven’t shot any of these things yet and I’d like to say this is the calm before the storm, I think the storm has already started. I’m back on my college schedule of sleeping six hours per night and I actually feel alright. Still coffee-free, even! (Ok, I did have a latte today but that’s because I saw Hot Tub Time Machine last night and slept for far fewer than my target six hours.)

So, as I’ve said before, stay tuned. Or just check your Google Reader like usual and stop back when I get a minute to create another post. Thanks!

Spill The Wine

…is an awesomely-named wine bar and cafe in Minneapolis. Also the location of MNfashion Week’s preview party last night. I will be shooting 5-6 events for them over the next few weeks and I’m excited to be exposed to a whole new culture. I’ll do a lot of watching, asking questions and shooting. I was once again disappointed with the images I got at ISO 1000, which means I’m 9/10’s convinced I need a mkII.

Thus, here are some frames in monochrome.