Eyes on the Skies

The three biggest things I remember from the weekend were the traffic, the noise and the sunburn. Not to be cynical, I did thoroughly enjoy the flight demos, but I think many people on the ground that weekend had the same experience. There was only one tiny entrance to the airport and it was mobbed with busses and shuttles all day long. I heard that some people waited for over three hours for rides back to their vehicles. Not the best planning on the ground. Overhead planning was a different story, however. Take a look…

“Justice Has Been Done”

First thing up on a day of big news is to see how or if people are reacting to it. Monument Terrace is a war memorial downtown Lynchburg so I headed there, expecting to find a crowd gathering. Surprisingly, I found just one man with his sons in a stroller, waving a flag for passing cars. Iraq veteran Jesse MacDonald told me he wanted to show his support for the work of his fellow military men and came over after sending his daughter off to school. He said his children know that he serves in order to fight the “bad guys” who hurt people, which his daughter clearly took to heart. “When we say our prayers, she always adds in, ‘And may they catch the bad guys.’ Today I told her, ‘Last night they got the number one bad guy.'”