About 7,000 homes in Lynchburg lost power earlier this week as the result of a very severe but very brief storm. I was actually in my car when it passed over but all I saw was heavy rain for about 10 minutes. The top photo didn’t run, since we had already used a photo of that site from immediately after the storm, but I think it shows just how nasty the cleanup job around town was.


Kim Raff convinced me, nay, forced me to go to LOOK3 in Charlottesville over the weekend. Having never heard of “The Festival of the Photograph” before, I was apathetic but thought that for an hour drive it would be something interesting to do for weekend. Turns out the Raff knows what she is talking about. I will be mentally processing the photos and projects I saw for many weeks to come; I am curious to see what sticks with me and turns out to be forgettable. To all the awesome photographers and editors I met, if you read this, I had a great time and I look forward to seeing you all again, it whatever city or other festival we cross paths. It was also great to run into some Mizzou friends: Polina Yamshchikov, John Tully, Caty Smith, and Amanda Lucier.