Stay Inside

…because it’s flipping hot out.

(picked up by news outlets in Oregon and California!)

  • Quincy Hunt reaches for a cold drink while working at the Produce Outlet stand along 221 in Forest, Va., July 21, 2011. Enduring a full day at the stand and occasionally dealing with long stretches between customers, Hunt employs the full range of tricks keep cool, including a towel with ice cubes around his neck.

Giant Leopard Moth

I found this Giant Leopard Moth sitting next to me on a bench today and decided he would look neat against a colorful background. The hood of my car served well.

It was about 2.5″ long and I later found out they are fairly common to this area, though rarely out during the day. I think all the hot and humid weather we’ve had lately had left this one feeling a bit confused. Note the iridescent spots on its back; not a camera glitch as I first thought.