Wrong Place, Right Time

Some days you just can’t find the right spot to shoot. Like at the Liberty Flames football game today, where everything seemed to be oriented for the fans opposite me (the last shot is of the touchdown that finally put LU ahead in the fourth quarter.) I left with 1:21 remaining in the game and I found out that they went into double-OT and there were three more touchdowns. Bugger.

Packing Light

I don’t like the idea that we are what we own but after living somewhere for a time our personal spaces certainly reflect who we are. And when the time comes to move, and decorations, furniture and art are all being stuffed into boxes, our living spaces revert to banal, drab, lifeless walls and floors. In the past few days I’ve had to help two of my best friends in Lynchburg move away, co-workers Kim Raff and Marissa Hermanson. I took some pictures as they, and their spaces, were in transition.