Modern Monks – revisited

I am not usually able to return to a daily assignment for a follow-up, let alone twice. However, as Randolph College is a only a couple of blocks from my apartment I was able to spend time with the monks on Thursday and Friday in addition to my visit on Monday, allowing me some unexpected photos opportunities. I’ve kept my original post from October 24 and added the new photos below.


Yesterday I spent some time photographing a group of Buddhist monks at Randolph College who are visiting from Tashi Kyil monastery in India. They are on a tour around the United States, sharing their way of life and creating sacred mandalas – intricate colored sand paintings that take several days to complete. Once finished, the piece is dismantled and the blessed sand is given away or spread in a natural setting. When I asked about the other cities they have visited, they opened a nearby laptop and brought up their facebook page. I guess this is 2011, after all.

new photos: