River Men

I had to hike a mile down a mountain and along train tracks in the rain to photograph a crew of guys who are taking a hand-made batteau (a late 1700s-style boat) 360 miles upriver. Yes, UP-river. It was probably the best day of work I have ever had. Working with talented reporter Liz Barry, who did the whole hike wearing Converse All-Stars, we got in a couple of canoes to join the crew as they set up camp on the opposite bank. As my camera bag dried out by the fire, I couldn’t help but look around at where I was and again realize there is no other job quite like this one.

Check out the article at The News & Advance.

Southern Black Widow

It seems the interesting critters have all come out recently. I found this female black widow spider outside of a restaurant after I finished my lunch today. This was the first black widow I have ever seen but I immediately identified it by the red “hourglass” marking on the underside of its abdomen. Surprisingly timid, I coaxed her onto a stick and used the painted wall of the building as a backdrop. They are generally nocturnal and prefer dark environments so I don’t know what she was doing out and about. Perhaps enjoying the weather as well?