Broad-necked Root Borer

I had a fun little photo shoot last night at midnight to photograph this two-inch-long beetle. I set up a flash, umbrella and flashlight and got him to settle down for a few shots on top of my MacBook. This guy was hard to identify, as I kept coming up with a similar-looking beetle that lives in California. The Broad-necked Root Borer is a pest that eats a number of different trees, comes out at night and is common throughout this region, from Massachusetts to North Carolina.

More Storm Damage

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly take another photo of a downed tree, my editor said we are going to have another photo page and we need fresh art of the current situation to fill it. So, for the third time this week, I went on an all-day multi-shot feature hunt. And I had a great day. I was hot, sweaty, tired and running low on creative juices, but I got to make some frames that I would never have normally tried, just to keep it interesting.

Weathered (cont.)

Today was a lot like yesterday, yet totally different. I guess it was exactly the same in that I went out in my car and spent the whole day trying to understand and photograph the happenings of a city reeling from a natural disaster. However, it was completely different because I met at least a dozen new people, each dealing with a unique situation. From a church service held in the dark, a near-mob scene over bags of ice, a store owner who found her shop broken into overnight, to people finding some joy amidst the rough times. I also had a chat with our managing editor about the importance of the stories and photos we will be printing tomorrow, as more than 80% of the city is still without power and therefore will not be getting any news from TV (maybe battery radios or smartphones?). I think it made me try a little extra hard.

More photos picked up here, here, here, here, here and here.