Almost Eleanor

Almost a month ago I was out looking for hot weather wild art and I came across a beautiful orange Ford Mustang up on blocks in a driveway. I noticed that there were tools lying out so I thought the owner must be nearby, maybe inside for a drink or a sandwich. But after waiting for 15 minutes no one appeared. So I moved on. But I stored the location away in case I needed to find wild art again some day. Several weeks later I was out hunting again and I revisited the house with the Mustang. It was in the same spot with the same tools out but still no one in sight. Again I moved on. Then last week I was told we had space to fill so my first stop was the Mustang House. Third time’s a charm. Scott Howe was outside finishing up some engine work and was happy that his car had attracted the attention of a passer-by. I got a few shots of him re-attaching an air filter and talking to a neighbor who had wandered over (another car enthusiast) and I was feeling good. Then he said, “I have to take it to the station to refill the air brakes, do you want to come along?” HA! Yes. On the way he told me that his inspiration for buying the car was seeing “Eleanor” (the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500 featured in “Gone in 60 Seconds“), at which point he knew he had to have one. “But it’s hard to find that car for less than $100,000,” he told me. So the 1968 Mustang fastback would have to do. Close enough for me.

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