Betty Bussetti

My friend Alison is preparing her ship.

And although her ’87 bus may look clunky and beat-up, she is convinced it has plenty of life left to take her, her stuff, and Brady, her dog, to wherever their next adventures lie. At least, it will when she is done. The first step was gutting the interior–floorboards, wall panels and all, and starting from scratch. The next step is a complete conversion: new wiring, new plumbing, new paint, new life. Then she can set sail.

I am hoping to turn this into an audio slideshow and will probably not post any photos again until it is done. But here is a preview, of sorts. I am loving the angles, lines, activity, and creativity surrounding this very unique project. Perhaps more common in the 70’s, converting buses into traveling homes is a lost art. I hope this serves as a tribute to all the buses (and their drivers) that came, and went, before.

Alison shows off her Bus.

The soon-to-be helm.

Not enough room for a proper garage.

The neighbor checks in on Alison.


Alison closes the hood after checking on the engine.

Planning the next step is often more challenging than executing it.

Measure twice, cut once.

Burning old paneling scraps in a bonfire.

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