Heavy Metal

For an upcoming story on music venues in Lynchburg, I was tapped to photograph the Sevendust concert a couple weeks ago. I literally did not know any of their music, or the music of the two opening bands, Avatar and Lacuna Coil, but I figured live music is a good assignment no matter who it is. With hit singles such as “Enemy,” “Bitch,” “Denial,” and “Unraveling” you get the idea what I was in for. I elbowed my way through the crowd for a few shots, careful to protect my gear from moshers, crowdsurfers and raised beers. Then I got a few from the edge of the stage and finally up on the VIP balcony. My ears were ringing the next day but it was a fun gig, definitely not my typical Saturday night in the Burg.

The End of Bad Beer

Doug John has been refining his beer recipes in small batches for almost 25 years and he has finally decided they are good enough to share. His new brewery, Apocalypse Ale Works, just opened twenty minutes from my front door and I could not be more excited. The new brewing facility and tasting room are next door to “Pints-O-Plenty,” the craft beer store he runs with his wife, Lee, making it a one-stop hops hotspot. I was with them a few weeks ago while they brewed the first batch and again during their opening weekend when I got to enjoy a glass of it. They will have their beer on tap at restaurants throughout the area and hopefully in bottles next year. A preacher who blessed the space (and then had some samples) must have done a good job. They have two beers available right now and four more will be rolling out before too long. It’s a good time to be here.