Day of Caring

I had two related assignments covering United Way’s “Day of Caring,” which organizes volunteers and pairs them with submitted requests for help from various groups. Phase one was a huge undertaking, literally, spelling out the words “LIVE UNITED” on a mountainside using black plastic sheeting (last two photos). Phase two was, of course, the actual work. I visited five different work sites and tried to show the range of projects which volunteers found themselves tackling.

Above it All

The historic Lynchburg Courthouse downtown is getting a makeover. The restoration team recently set up scaffolding that spanned the roof enabling them to access to work on the weather-beaten cuppola. After some scheduling negotiations and a few weeks of waiting, I met up with the team one morning and enjoyed one of the best views in town that no one gets to see.

They wear hazmat suits to minimize their exposure to paint dust containing lead.