Fire Truck Parade

Normally, a fleet of 30 fire trucks cruising down Main Street would be cause for alarm. This day, however, the trucks were met with smiles and waves. The annual Antique Fire Truck Parade in Bedford featured historical fire fighting equipment reaching as far back as a hose cart from 1888. Current and retired motorized vehicles came from neighboring counties as well.

Soccer Tradition

I happened across some guys warming up for a soccer game and decided to ask what league they played in. I learned that a group of workers at La Carreta, a local Mexican food chain, have gotten together for a mini soccer tournament on Easter and Memorial Day for the last 26 years. Four teams compete for bragging rights while friends and family socialize on the sidelines. The rain this morning left the fields muddy and uneven but players said the Easter competition has never been cancelled.

Plastic Rabbit Eggs

Easter is by far one of the strangest holidays, at least how we celebrate it now. Many symbols we associate with it are of non-Christian origin, it’s floating date was decided in an ancient meeting, and the cuisine is a hodgepodge of foods from all over the world. Personally, I like rabbits, spring vacation days, ham and all that. But the plastic egg hunts are right near the top of my hardest-things-to-photograph list.

A Day in DC

I pulled a 22-hour shift to cover Obama’s second inauguration (my first) in Washington yesterday. A group of people from the Lynchburg area organized a bus to leave at 1:30 a.m. and come back in the afternoon. With a 4ish-hour trip each way I knew it would be a long day. I mistakenly thought I’d be able to grab a decent nap during the ride but sometimes it just doesn’t work out (and it doesn’t help when you are right under the speaker for the en-route movie). All in all it was an amazing day and one that I’ll never forget. Seeing the sun rise over the Jefferson Memorial and feeling the crowd roar as Obama approached the lectern – photos and words really aren’t adequate to capture those moments. But they are better than nothing so, as usual, here is a set of my favorite pics from the day. Including a very candid photo of Obama hanging out with some people in the park…

Bogotá, Armenia, Salento

Selection of photos from Colombia, during a week-long trip I recently took with my parents. Our long-distance friend, Diego Mendoza, was marrying Angelica Bonilla in Bogotá and they invited us to attend. We took the opportunity to spend a few extra days visiting Armenia and Salento, also hiking a day in the Cocora Valley. The food was wonderful, the weather cooperated when it really mattered, and the people we met were all very patient and helpful.

I took all of these with an iPhone or Canon G10, a refreshing departure from the 5-lb Nikon and bag that I haul around for work. I wanted to both test the range of those cameras as well as force myself to experiment with a different shooting style.