River Men

I had to hike a mile down a mountain and along train tracks in the rain to photograph a crew of guys who are taking a hand-made batteau (a late 1700s-style boat) 360 miles upriver. Yes, UP-river. It was probably the best day of work I have ever had. Working with talented reporter Liz Barry, who did the whole hike wearing Converse All-Stars, we got in a couple of canoes to join the crew as they set up camp on the opposite bank. As my camera bag dried out by the fire, I couldn’t help but look around at where I was and again realize there is no other job quite like this one.

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Music Maker

The News & Advance photo department is starting a monthly series on people of Central Virginia who are connected to the music scene in some way. Called “In Harmony,” we hope to find a diverse set of individuals who are all tied together through music.

This is the first slideshow in the series.

Raymond Buckner is a recording engineer and producer at Hallow Tree Recording Studios in Lynchburg. Originally from Danville, Buckner started on his path in music in eighth grade, forming a band with friends and recording demo tracks in his bedroom. Building on his music education at Liberty University, last year he joined James Walz, the owner of the Hallow Tree, and now oversees three to four sessions a week with musicians of all genres.

Bernadette’s Takeout

I have driven by Bernadette Christian’s storefront on 5th Street hundreds of times, as she is located on one of Lynchburg’s busiest roads. But her tiny operation is easy to miss, since it’s only about ten feet wide. With a menu that changes daily and hours that vary depending on when she runs out of her pre-made dishes, Burnadette’s Takeout is one of Lynchburg’s hidden gems. I spent a lunch hour with her and got to see how the operation works from the inside (a rare privilege).