Portland Parks

Portland has both the the smallest park in the world, Mill Ends Park (452 sq in.), as well as one of the largest parks in the US, Forest Park (5,157 acres). They also have a lot in between. (In case you were wondering, NYC’s Central Park is only 843 acres.)

-Mill Ends Park, world’s smallest park as recognized by Guinness Records. Located in the center lane of SW Naito Parkway.
-A woman in Laurelhurst Park in SE Portland at Sunset.
-What flowers are these? Rose Gardens in Washington Park.
-Chelsea looks up to a huge rose in the Rose Gardens in Washington Park.
-Jogging along a path in Forest Park.
-Midnight walk in Laurelhurst Park with Jen.
-Moon glows above the treeline in Laurelhurst Park.

Misc. Portland

Days 23-29

I am SO grateful to everyone I met who made my visit in Portland incredible. I feel like I got to see a lot of the city’s highlights as well as experience a slice of everyday life. Jen, Al, Danielle, Brittney, Chelsea, Nate, Julie, Emee, Ben and Betsy… I miss you guys already. This is a diverse collection of images across seven days. Caption-type info below.

-Ballerinas with the Oregon Ballet Theater prepare to go one stage during a free dance show along Belmont Street.
-Walkway under the Morrison Bridge, over the riverside jogging path.
-Jen brings out the cake for Emerson’s birthday.
-Playing with bubbles at Laurelhust park.
-Touring 3-on-3 arena soccer tournament downtown.
-Brittany Smith uses her yoga-muscles to balance on a block of ice as she rides it down a hill at Laurelhurst park.
-A plethora of fresh produce on Jen’s table in the morning light.
-Danielle and I wait for the #15 bus toward downtown to get dinner and visit Deschutes brewery.
-Traffic lights blur over the Burnside Bridge in front of the White Stag sign in Old Town.

Oregon (1)

Day 23

I joined my couchsurfing hostess, Julie, and some of her friends (and their sons) for a Beavers minor league game in Portland. I chased down a foul ball and gave it to one of the boys, but then felt bad that the other boy didn’t get one. So I went up to the rail by third base and somehow ended up with a second foul ball for the other kid. “Good job,” said Julie. Beavers lost but Thirsty Thursday drink specials meant having fun wasn’t all about the score. Personal highlight was convincing the mascot to “show some leg.”