Line by Line

The framed drawings hanging in Charles Worsham’s living room look like the most detailed scientific illustrations I have ever seen. They are nearly three feet tall and Worsham told me it takes him six months or more to make each one. Sitting at his drawing table, often in silence, he carefully observes and then draws each vein of a dried oak leaf or twist on a piece of bark with quick, confident strokes of his mechanical pencil. The subjects of his still lifes are propped up next to him, untouched for the duration of the drawing. His attention to detail and appreciation for nature were carried over from his former work as an FBI tracker, where Worsham traced the steps of people and animals by looking for broken leaves or disturbed twigs. He says he taps into an instinctual level of awareness that everyone has but most people never learn to recognize.

If his drawings weren’t terribly outside my price range, I would have loved to have brought one home.

Facing a New Day

Karen Wood stands in front of the Appomattox County Courthouse in Appomattox, where she spent many long days in legal battles with her ex husband. Those cases have resulted in him convicted of kidnapping and solicitation to commit murder. She decided to come forth with her story in hopes of teaching other the lessons she learned the hard way, with plans to do public speaking on the topic of domestic abuse.

We accidentally set up our time for the portrait before the courthouse opened so I opted to take a few shots outside in the meantime. We used one with her eyes open in the paper but I like the feel of this one as well.

Dave Thompson’s article about her story is here.