Creeper Trail

Writer Brent Wells and I took an overnight trip to Damascus, Va., last month for a story on the Virginia Creeper Trail, a 35-mile bike trail that follows an old railroad line. We wanted to scope out the trip that tens of thousands of riders take each summer: riding in a van to the half-way point, saddling up on rented bicycles and leisurely winding 17 miles downhill through the woods back into town. With lots of little stops and sights along the way, it is easy to spend several hours on the trip; even more if you are an easily-distracted photographer (sorry, Brent). We met lots of great people on the ride, including a local legend who has logged over 175,000 miles on the trail (photo 9) and a fun group of young families that invited us to crash their house party afterward (not pictured).

Soccer Tradition

I happened across some guys warming up for a soccer game and decided to ask what league they played in. I learned that a group of workers at La Carreta, a local Mexican food chain, have gotten together for a mini soccer tournament on Easter and Memorial Day for the last 26 years. Four teams compete for bragging rights while friends and family socialize on the sidelines. The rain this morning left the fields muddy and uneven but players said the Easter competition has never been cancelled.