Garden Party

Laurel and I made it out to the Whittaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens yesterday and were among thousands of people to enjoy the perfect weather for wine and jazz (and flowers). The music concluded with a medley of MJ songs, including “Billy Jean,” “Bad” and “I want you back.” Everyone was on their feet. (…were on their feet? …their foots??)

Dancing on the Rooftop

Will Sullivan had a goodbye-to-the-downtown-apartment BBQ last week; I was excited to see the sun set from the 12th story roof. Emily Rasinski modeled for me as the daylight faded behind the City Museum‘s new ferris wheel. This is a composite of two images (in the good shot of her hair, I cut off her arm) and I’ve been trying to learn new ways to apply layer masks and different blending modes. I guess it’s time to crack open the old Photoshop Bible and/or get back on

The evening ended around 10:30 when we realized we had gotten locked outside, still on the roof. I Macgyver-ed us back in using a notched-out REI membership card. As a survival-equipment store, I think they would have been proud.

Dark Angel

I’m not exactly a dog lover, not really a cat lover either, but I’ve found myself more and more amused by my roommate’s toy poodle, Angel. Most of the time tiny dogs are terribly annoying and pretty much helpless, but Angel has an attitude that would take on a pit bull (which actually happened not too long ago, Lauren had to hold Angel back from going after one in the park). I’m still glad I don’t have to worry about her medical bills or food expenses but I admit I’ll miss having her energy around when I move next week…