Day 6

Not a lot to report from Kansas. In case you’ve never been, it didn’t really get lucky with farmland like Missouri and Iowa, and it totally missed out on the Rockies to the west. It has a lot of… space, though, which is nice. If you’re into that.

You do have a few interesting stops along I-70, cities like Lawrence and Victoria, each with some attractions (KU and the Cathedral of the Plains, respectively). Also worth noting are a window art Post-It re-creation of Warhol’s Marilyn (Lawrence) and an old cemetery in with headstones dating to the 1880’s (Victoria).

We pitched our tent in an awful KOA in Ellis, and ate warm Campbell’s Chunky soup by headlamp. (A good choice b/c it has a pull-tab lid, no can-opener necessary.) We fell asleep to the hum of the nearby highway and looked forward to Colorado.