Enabling Musicians

My latest project for the In Harmony series. See the whole series (thus far) online: In Harmony: Music in Central Virginia.

Working mostly out of Bedford, James Jones has spent over 30 years refining his craft: building acoustic musical instruments. “You have to put the time in. And I have put the time in.” His expertly crafted hammered dulcimers have been shipped and played around the world. Octave mandolins, harps, zithers and psalteries also take shape in his shop, which he always worked by himself. “You feel like an enabler. Because that’s really what instrument builders are,” said Jones. “The fact that you’re working with your hands and creating things out of materials has its own satisfactions but you also realize that what you ultimately produce is making music.”

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  1. Awesome slideshow, Parker. Very good story, well put together. And great imagery. It is always inspiring me to learn about people who care very deeply and passionately about their work, and Mr. Jones is no exception! My favorite picture is the one of James interacting with two of his customers. The whole set is very clean, focused, very direct and clear. Keep up the great work, I’m glad to have found your blog through your post on APAD.


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