Long Term Served

I went Altavista last Sunday to photograph outgoing mayor Rudy Burgess. He has served on City Council for 40 years; as mayor for 24. I shot sparingly in the 90 minutes I was with him and his wife, Lucy, at their comfortable 1910’s home, spending most of the time listening to their stories. Having just come back from Thanksgiving in Minnesota where I saw my remaining grandparents’ health declining, I am more attuned to the experience and wisdom that will be lost along with their generation. Burgess said that members of Council were all issued laptops recently but he declined his, wanting “nothing to do” with the device. The only new device in his life these days is a wheelchair, which he admits is frustrating but necessary, having suffered a few embarrassing falls. “I’ve got a lot of miles on me,” he said, half-jokingly. As the Burgess’ walked me to the door, they said I was welcome to come back and visit any time and, if I was lucky, they’d have some food ready.

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