Misc. Portland

Days 23-29

I am SO grateful to everyone I met who made my visit in Portland incredible. I feel like I got to see a lot of the city’s highlights as well as experience a slice of everyday life. Jen, Al, Danielle, Brittney, Chelsea, Nate, Julie, Emee, Ben and Betsy… I miss you guys already. This is a diverse collection of images across seven days. Caption-type info below.

-Ballerinas with the Oregon Ballet Theater prepare to go one stage during a free dance show along Belmont Street.
-Walkway under the Morrison Bridge, over the riverside jogging path.
-Jen brings out the cake for Emerson’s birthday.
-Playing with bubbles at Laurelhust park.
-Touring 3-on-3 arena soccer tournament downtown.
-Brittany Smith uses her yoga-muscles to balance on a block of ice as she rides it down a hill at Laurelhurst park.
-A plethora of fresh produce on Jen’s table in the morning light.
-Danielle and I wait for the #15 bus toward downtown to get dinner and visit Deschutes brewery.
-Traffic lights blur over the Burnside Bridge in front of the White Stag sign in Old Town.

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