Did you know that’s what “Prom” is actually short for? I didn’t, until about 15 seconds ago when I googled “prom” to see what came up. (Is is possible to digress before one even gets to their main subject?) So my sister is at her senior prom as I write this and I went along to the gushing-parent-camera-fest this afternoon before all the couples went off to dinner. I got out my long glass and stayed as far away from the front lines as possible, trying to lose myself in all the little prom-y things that make prom… prom. And yes, that is her boyfriend wearing those spiffy black Chucks.

(KB- is this bird anything special? Some kind of grosbeak? I didn’t recognize it…)


  1. Parker – I love these! I try to check in often with you mizzou photog's blogs. You're such talented kids. Hope life is good.

  2. hey! i love the first shot… yep, i'm pretty sure this is a grosbeak, but it doesn't look like the ones i've seen before. my bird book was stolen in b'ham, so i can't look her up! very cool!

  3. I love the details. It's amazing how you can tells so much about an event without a single expression.

  4. M.M.R., You hit the nail on the head – the pictures tell the story without a single expression. Profound statement. Parker, you have a gift.

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