RAM Clinic for The Globe and Mail

Remote Area Medical is a NGO that delivers medical, dental, and vision care to people in rural areas, free of charge. To be admitted, patients arrive at the designated site around midnight, wait in their cars, and receive numbered tickets starting at 3 am. Numbers are called starting at 6 am.

I left Richmond at 2:30 to arrive by 4:30 so I could meet some of the people in the parking lot who waited overnight. RAM set up this clinic at the Rockingham Country Fairgrounds and there was still fair signage in place around the temporary medical facilities. Everyone was grateful to have this option for treatment, especially since many had been enduring some kind of pain for a long time.

Adrian Morrow’s article is online here, with some revealing quotes from patients and an impressive history of the US healthcare system.

A sign at the entrance to the Rockingham County Fair grounds promotes the RAM clinic.

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