Weathered (cont.)

Today was a lot like yesterday, yet totally different. I guess it was exactly the same in that I went out in my car and spent the whole day trying to understand and photograph the happenings of a city reeling from a natural disaster. However, it was completely different because I met at least a dozen new people, each dealing with a unique situation. From a church service held in the dark, a near-mob scene over bags of ice, a store owner who found her shop broken into overnight, to people finding some joy amidst the rough times. I also had a chat with our managing editor about the importance of the stories and photos we will be printing tomorrow, as more than 80% of the city is still without power and therefore will not be getting any news from TV (maybe battery radios or smartphones?). I think it made me try a little extra hard.

More photos picked up here, here, here, here, here and here.

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